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x***NOTICE TO ALL CADDIES*** Please submit your schedule availability at your earliest convenience.

Independent contractor 1099 Caddie Positions are Available 

When you Accept or Decline jobs as an Independent Caddie for CADDIE WALK, you will find a “stress free environment”  – No waiting time. Reservation only” jobs are scheduled in advance so you can manage your personal life. There is no mandatory 36 hole requirement and no mandatory dates. You can take time off when you need it!

As a 1099 contractor you choose the job assignments you prefer at the times when you’re available.  Work at your own pace on your own schedule.  And yes….We provide the best weekly caddie job compensation in Pinehurst!

Choose job assignments that fit your ability and endurance!  Single bag only? Forecaddie only? Double-Bag ?… or “I will accept (bid) on all job category assignments.”


Enjoy the convenience of the latest technology to view and accept your job assignments by utilizing CaddieWalk’s unique Website.

What is Required?

  • Extensive golf knowledge – To be a Caddie requires that you have played an extremely significant amount of golf in your past. You do not need to be a single digit player but you must clearly understand  the game “inside and out” as well as be highly familiar with golf courtesy and rules.
  • Professionalism – Our clients’ expectations are high.  Your personal appearance and overall demeanor is critical. Caddying is a real job requiring first class engagement beginning with your introduction and handshake.
  • Range Duties & On Course – You must be engaged in every shot and every putt.
  • Departure Duties(cleaning, counting and safely placing clubs in your players transport). 
  • Proper Attire – Golf dress is required when on golf properties (Collared shirt. No jeans or cargo shorts).
  • Access to a smartphone and ability to communicate via email and/or text messaging.

How to Get Started:

  • Fill out the on-line application to the right.
  • Call 910 6038847 if you wish to contact Jimmy g
  • Be prepared for a personal interview.
  • Be prepared to fill out an I-9 Form, provide drivers license and SS#.

Need training?

Perhaps you’ve played a lot of golf but have never caddied before.  We welcome new entrants into the Caddie profession. Training is available at minimal costs deducted from your first paycheck.

Be sure to ask about playing privileges!


Interested in becoming a CaddieWalk Caddie?

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